Sphectacula and DJ Naves’ Bhampa music video reaches 2 million views

Sphectacula and DJ Naves’ 2018 single Bhampa featuring Beast, Tipcee and DJ Tira has reached two million views on Youtube.

The video that was released on, 5 July 2018, is the first song that the duo released after relocating to KwaZulu-Natal, hence the Durban-based featured artists on the song.

The video visually shows the duo and their collaborators travelling around the province, performing the song for various crowds throughout the day. It also features a dance-off between the dancers.

The dance moves are typical of those used when dancing to gqom music, like the vosho and the gwara-gwara.

The song fast became a fan-favourite with its upbeat and heavy bass, coupled with a  catchy hook.

Watch the Bhampa video below: