Spirit of Praise releases Yingakho Ngicula live recording, featuring Dumi Mkokstad

Spirit of Praise has released the live recording for a rendition of the classic hymn, Yingakho Ngicula, with Dumi Mkokstad leading the collective of gospel voices.

Spirit of Praise released the live recording of the classic gospel hymn, Yingakho Ngicula, on Sunday, 11 April 2021. This rendition of the popular praise and worship hymn is led by featured artist, Dumi Mkokstad. Mkokstad leads a backing vocal support consisting of professional musicians such as Mmatema, Takie Ndou and Reverend Benjamin Dube.

The live recording was part of the Kaya Soul Inspired Concert, which was held virtually in 2020. Mkokstad, in the performance, uses the popular call-and-response tactic to continually engage his fellow vocalists and the band. This tactic is particularly clear during the beginning of the performance, where he teases the pace at which he will perform certain parts of the song before quickening the pace. Overall, he provides a rousing performance, which is evident from the reactions of the people behind him.

Watch the Yingakho Ngicula live recording below.