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Stino Le Thwenny performs amongst supercars in Mshimane 2.0 music video

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Stino Le Thwenny’s Mshimane 2.0 music video sees all the featured artists, K.O, Major League DJz and Khuli Chana, performing with him amongst a display of supercars.

Stino Le Thwenny’s music video for Mshimae 2.0, featuring K.O, Major League DJz and Khuli Chana, was released on Friday, 19 February 2021. The visuals start with an introduction of each of the musicians, who all appear in a black wall studio with neon signage.

In the middle of the studio space, supercars are parked for the rappers to perform in and around. Stino Le Thwenny, K.O, Major League DJz and Khuli Chana each have their own scenes for their individual verses, making the music video inclusive of all of the artists.

Towards the latter part of the music video, the musicians gather to collaboratively perform the final verse, which sees them dancing around to the vibrant beat of the song. The music video remains relatively simple throughout, as the focus is on each of the performances and the sound that each artist contributes.

Watch the Mshimane 2.0 music video below.

Sayushka Naidoo
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