Stino Le Thwenny shares extended teaser of Khuli Chana’s Buyile

Khuli Chana is set to release his debut single of the year, Buyile, featuring Stino Le Thwenny, Tyler ICU and Lady Du, and has shared the extended teaser of the single. 

Stino Le Thwenny took to Twitter on Wednesday, 14 April 2021, to share an extended teaser of the upcoming Khuli Chana-led single, Buyile. The single, which marks his debut release of the year, is also set to feature Tyler ICU and Lady Du.

The Motswako Originator creator first shared a preview of the single earlier in the month. The video he shared was of the public’s reaction when he performed the song for a live audience during his partner, Lamiez Holworthy’s DJ sets. The reception suggested that despite Chana stepping out of his comfort zone, the song is set to be received well.

The extended teaser showcased how the hip-hop and rap elements of the single were seamlessly merged.

See the post below.