Stogie T and Nasty C teach a hater a lesson in DUNNO music video

Stogie T’s DUNNO music video, featuring Nasty C, sees the collaborators seeking vengeance against a critic who insulted their song, doing so in a horror-style visual.

Stogie T’s DUNNO music video, featuring Nasty C, was released on Monday, 22 February 2021, on YouTube. Produced by Amr Singh and Lazurusman, the visuals show Stogie T coming across a hate comment on his most recent song, which is from an anonymous social media user. Angered by this, he recruits Nasty C, who accompanies him to a mansion in his Rolls Royce, where they wake the unsuspecting man up with a baseball bat.

Taking on a horror movie theme, the lighting is kept dark and mysterious throughout the incident, as they move the man to a basement area where he is then tied to a chair. The rappers torment him as he pleads for freedom, promising not to share hateful messages on social media again. Stogie T and Nasty C perform their individual verses around the mansion, maintaining the dark and shadowy theme throughout.

Watch the DUNNO music video below.