Stogie T awaits public reaction to Dunno, featuring Nasty C

Stogie T has been actively promoting two of his upcoming releases on social media, one of which is his collaborative single with Nasty C, Dunno.

Stogie T took to Twitter on Wednesday, 1 July 2020, and reflected on hearing Nasty C’s verse on their upcoming collaborative single, Dunno, for the first time. The rapper tweeted, “When Nasty C sent the verse, I knew it was over for you all.” The two collaborated on one of the two songs that the former Tumi and The Volume frontman is set to release on Friday, 3 July 2020.

The veteran rapper has been heavily invested in promoting the upcoming singles throughout the week. Stogie T has provided influential voices in hip-hop, as well as industry friends, with branded merchandise consisting of hoodies, T-shirts and beanies with the cover art of the upcoming singles.

The second single that he is set to debut alongside Dunno is Animals, featuring Benny The Butcher.

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