Storage Wars: Season 13 episodes with Brandi and Kenny

Brandi Passante and Kenny Crossley from Storage Wars have formed a real-life friendship shown in some of season 13’s most memorable episodes with the duo.

Storage Wars is one the most successful modern-day treasure hunting reality-format shows currently airing. It first premiered in 2010 and in the 12 years since then, the show has produced exciting television, with 14 seasons under its belt, and showing no signs of slowing down or ending.

Brandi Passante is credited with the success of the show, and this was proven when, in season 13, she split from her original teammate and real-life partner, Jarrod Schulz.

The season saw her form a friendship with Kenny Crossley, which resulted in some of the most memorable episodes of season 13, like episode 12.

How many episodes are in Storage Wars season 13?

Storage Wars premiered on A&E in April 2021 with the thirteenth season of the show, which ran until January 2022. The season concluded with a total of 32 episodes.

The last episode was titled “The 300thTime’s the Charm!” and it was premised, “Ivy dons his bright white lucky sneakers in Van Nuys. Brandi and Lisa’s “friendship” is tested as they go head-to-head on a pair of lockers. Kenny sets his fears aside and takes the plunge on a unit that might just immerse him in profit.”

Storage Wars: Season 13 episodes with Brandi and Kenny

Storage Wars’ thirteenth season marked two significant changes in the show. The first was the return of a fan-favourite star, Barry Weiss.

Weiss returned in the first episode, which aired back-to-back with the second episode of the season. Weiss returned following an eight-year stint away from the show. Season 13’s episode one honoured this by titling the episode “Older and Weiss-er.

Another change introduced on season 13 was that Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz, popularly known as the Young Guns on the show, were not teammates anymore and appeared separately in the season.

This came after the couple’s breakup, which was confirmed in 2020. But their breakup is believed to have taken place in 2018.

The breakup and subsequent split on the show provided an opportunity for Passante to explore different platonic and working relationships on season 13, one of which has formed into a real-life friendship with Kenny Crossley.

Their friendship and dynamic has given to memorable episodes of the two, namely episode 12 and episode 25. Speaking about their friendship in her podcast, Happening Now With Hammer, Passante stated in part that Crossley is “one of my favourite humans.”

Moreover, she claimed that their friendship extends beyond the show, and as such, Crossley has become a permanent guest host on the podcast.

Detailed description of season 13’s episodes with Brandi and Kenny

Episode title Description (premise)
Let My Lockers Go “Ivy confuses profit with prophet, but still manages to climb his way to success. Kenny tries to honour the history of San Bernardino, recording a win along the way. Brandi shows her literary prowess volume by volume.”

Watch the snippet of Brandi and Kenny here.

“Spidey Cents” “Brandi wakes up on the wrong side of the bed but feels much better after picking up a locker in Placentia. Rene goes to the office to quickly flip his money. Kenny struggles just to get through his unit, which seems to have it in for him. Darrell tries to get something just for himself.”

Watch the snippet of Brandi and Kenny here.

Brandi Passante gets a new partner on Storage Wars

In Season 14 of Storage Wars, Brandi Passante gets a new teammate following her separation from Jarrod Schulz and his subsequent dismissal, after Passante spent season 13 as a lone ranger, occasionally coupled with other personalities from the show.

In the current season, Passante is paired with Bozek, who was previously a guest on the show and appeared sporadically throughout previous seasons.

In the episode titled “Bozek Is My Spirit Animal, he earned himself notoriety, which is partly considered to have contributed to Bozek earning a more permanent stint on the show as Passante’s teammate.

Where can I watch Storage Wars?

A&E is the cable television channel that hosts Storage Wars, so if you are looking to watch previous seasons of the show, the website explains that you have to sign in with your television provider details to gain access.

Therefore, to access Storage Wars, you need to have a subscription with any of the popular and leading cable cord cutting paid television subscription platforms such as Philo TV, Sling TV, or fuboTV. Each service offers a free seven-day trial, which you can use to binge seasons of Storage Wars.