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Stork’s Heritage Bake Book is a collective of South African recipes

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South African margarine brand, Stork, if offering comfort food recipes which have been passed down for generations in its latest book.

A combination of a quarantine period and an exceptionally cold winter has caused many South Africans to be on the hunt for recipes which will comfort them during this uneasy time. Baked goods are always a go-to comfort food, as people love to pair a tasty treat with a warm beverage. Stork has launched The Heritage Bake Book, which offers a range of authentically South African recipes using a classic ingredient, margarine.

Some of the legacy recipes in the book are for mealie bread vetkoek, dikuku le gemur – also known as scones – spekboom citrus cake, and a double fudge burfee cake. Stork has also supplied customers with new and innovative recipes which appeal to those wanting to try out something completely new. These include the chocolate and matcha mirror glaze cake, blackberry tortes, and the salted caramel shortcake pavlova.

The Heritage Bake Book is available for download here.

Sayushka Naidoo
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