Stranger Things: How did Nancy know what Victor Creel’s house looked like?

On Stranger Things, Nancy knew how Victor Creel’s house looked after meeting him when he directed her and Robin to the house to investigate what happened.

Stranger Things returned for its highly anticipated season four premiere in May 2022, after what was an almost three-year hiatus due to the delays brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic in the film and television industry.

However, this season’s first seven episodes focused on the Creel House as the central location of the story.

The house was introduced to fans by Wayne Munson as he spoke about the legend of the house. But we get to see the house when Nancy and Robin visit Victor Creel, who directs them to the house so that they can investigate what happened to his family.

Is Stranger Things for kids?

Stranger Things season four is regarded as the darkest instalment of the series to date.

The biggest reason being that though most of the lead stars who started on the show in 2016 were still underage, most of the actors are now 19 years and older. Seemingly, it is believed that the series is not meant for kids now more than ever.

As such, since the first season, the series has been suggested as better suited for teenagers over the age of 14 and above.

Stranger Things: How did Nancy know what Victor Creel’s house looked like?

Before Nancy and Robin found out what the Creel house looks like, the house was introduced to viewers through Wayne Munson, who is Eddie’s uncle in the story.

Wayne details the legend surrounding the house to viewers, explaining how the Creels moved into the house in 1959. Legend had it that the husband and wife, Victor and Virginia, moved into the house with their two children, Henry and Alice.

After moving into the house, something in the house drove Victor crazy, and he ended up killing his wife, daughter, and son by gorging out their eyes.

Legend supposed that Victor escaped custody and was back in town to continue his murdering spree.

In pursuit of more information about the legend, Nancy and Robin visited the local library and found a conspiracy theories publication called The Weekly Watcher.

The publication revealed that Victor claimed the house was possessed by a demon that killed his entire family after he tried to exorcise it from the house.

Moreover, Victor believed that the demon left him alive as punishment. This article led Nancy and Robin to the Pennhurst Asylum, where they met Victor and heard his side of the story. This is how they ended up visiting the Creel house.

What did Victor Creel reveal?

Nancy and Robin’s visit with Victor Creel revealed a key detail in the season four, part one finale.

Victor claimed that immediately after moving into the house, things started unravelling. Dead animals would appear on the doorstep, lights would flicker, and slowly a state of madness took over the inhabitants of the home.

Victor also revealed that he went into the Upside Down and was rescued by music. When he returned, his daughter was dead, and though his son was not dead yet, he eventually succumbed to death from his severe wounds.

Victor then took a razor to his eyes. However, in his trauma, he missed an important detail in his recounting of events.

The significance of the Creel House revealed

While Victor Creel’s testimonial led the gang to the Creel House to investigate and discover that the house was a portal to the Upside Down, it also revealed that the house was Vecna’s headquarters.

But more importantly, it also revealed that Henry was not dead, but was actually Vecna and the cause of all the strange things that had happened in the house.

Born with powers that he used for destruction, Henry, now revealed to be Vecna, was test subject number one at Hawkins Lab.

Henry also reveals that it took so much power to kill his mother and sister, that he fell into a coma, which allowed him to be taken into Dr. Brenner’s care.

Vecna and Eleven’s connection established

The last episodes of Stranger Things season four, part one, establishes the relationship between Vecna and Eleven, as Vecna reveals his true identity after Eleven moved from her secured space after being rescued by Henry from Hawkins Lab.

It is revealed that Henry was aware that Eleven’s powers were more advanced than his, which was why he attempted to co-opt Eleven to join his crusade. When she declined, the two were embroiled in a supernatural battle.

When it seemed like Henry was about to be bested, he managed to escape to the Upside Down, which set the tone for the upcoming season four, part two, set to arrive on Netflix on Friday, 1 July 2022.