Streaming services to keep you entertained during lockdown 

What some may say is one of the only good things about the year 2020 is the copious amount of entertainment consumed, which is made extremely easy with the variety of streaming sites available.

One of the many positive aspects of streaming sites is that shows are often available as boxsets, making it easy to binge watch a series in its entirety. TV enthusiasts continue to utilise this feature, resulting in these sites becoming the most popular platforms to host television shows as well as movies. In South Africa, DStv Catch up and Showmax are amongst the most-used sites due to their South African original productions and promotion of local content.

Netflix has gained popularity in South Africa for its affordable rates and international shows, making it easy to keep up with movies and series which are well-known around the world. Amazon Prime also has a South African version, Prime Video, which has a number of foreign movies and shows which are unavailable on the other sites. Hulu also has many viewers, however, its offering is limited due to country restrictions.