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Supta explains why Amajuba is not an amapiano single

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Supta, in an exclusive virtual interview with JustNje, explained his over 10-year musical journey and how his recent release, Amajuba, is not an amapiano single.

Supta, on Monday, 2 August 2021, agreed to an exclusive virtual interview with JustNje, in light of the release of his latest single, Amajuba, featuring Aymos and Peekay Mzee. The single was released on Friday, 9 July 2021, and marked the second official release of the year by the YFM radio personality.

According to Universal Music Group South Africa, “Supta has made his introductions a signature. Together with Peekay Mzee they go on to produce a beat with lo-fi and a bassline that keeps the tempo. As the song breaks open, it begins a kaleidoscope of instrumentation meeting layered vocal harmonies. Synthesized hi-hats and keys replete as Aymos croons as he rides the beat.”

In light of the discussion of whether Supta has defined his signature within the afro-house genre, the musician explained that he has not. The Gugulethu contributor explained, “I wouldn’t say that I do (not) have a certain sound. But I wouldn’t say it is my signature as yet. I think that takes so much time and takes so much effort (put) into the music, and sometimes it just comes out and people will identify a signature for you. Whilst you’re just being creative and making music.”

Amajuba, featuring Peekay Mzee and Aymos, marked a stark comparison to his last release, Haha, featuring Lady Zamar. This is as Amajuba has been dubbed an amapiano-influenced single, considering the feature of leading Afro-Yano vocalist, Aymos. However, Supta made it clear that it is not an amapiano single.

The Supersonic creator stated, “For me, I am not an amapiano artist, producer, DJ or whatever you want to call it. This is the sound I’m pushing. I understand and I’m, you know, happy for the sound that is amapiano, and I respect the sound. But this single, Amajuba, has no relation or connection whatsoever to amapiano.”

Supta went on to assert that he is an afro-house producer-DJ. Moreover, that he aspires for the single to continue advancing his reach as not only a DJ-producer, but a well-rounded media personality with more to offer as well.

The single is available for purchase on Apple Music.

Listen to Amajuba below.

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