Survivor SA: A shift in alliance is evident in this week’s episode

This week’s episode of Survivor SA sees the tribe members come to realise that to overpower Kingpin Rob, new alliances need to be formed.

The upcoming episode of M-Net’s Survivor SA, which airs tonight, 25 July 2019, sees enemies become friends and friends become enemies, as the tribe members rally to find their place in the game beside puppet-master, Rob. Following last week’s tribal council, which saw Geoff being the latest castaway, Mmba is left without an alliance, allowing her former enemy, Danté, to approach her and suggest teaming up. Durao also seems to be sitting on the fence, in terms of loyalty, causing him to be pressured by his fellow tribe members to make a final decision.

This week’s preview of Survivor SA sees Rob beginning to question his physical strength in the game as the environmental climate takes a toll on his body. He also realises that the tribe looks to him for decisions, which ultimately puts a target on his back. Cobus is left shocked as he witnesses the shift in alliances, as his fellow tribe members put their differences aside to form stronger bonds.

A statement issued by M-Net on Friday, 19 July 2019, revealed more insight on tonight’s episode, stating, “Jacques is necessarily sitting pretty in terms of allies, but he hasn’t been targeted yet, despite being a formidable player who’s nabbed two immunity idols (foolishly playing one) and now has a reward steal, so prepare for one castaway’s reward to be ruined soon!”.

Survivor SA airs on Thursdays at 19:00 on M-Net, DStv channel 101.

Watch the preview of the upcoming episode of Survivor SA below.