Survivor SA: Cobus battles to understand why he was deemed a threat

Thursday night’s episode of Survivor SA saw Cobus Hugo being voted out as the latest castaway, leaving him still confused as to why he was classified as a threat.

The latest episode of M-Net’s Survivor SA, which aired on Thursday, 8 August 2019, saw tensions flair as Jacque and Cobus were constantly left out of the decision-making process when it came to their alliance with the spit-shaker-seven. Battling to come to terms with the dishonesty from his tribe members, Cobus appealed to them to stay true to their word instead of blindsiding him in the upcoming tribal council. His appeal, however, did not sway their opinions as they deemed him a threat, resulting in him being the latest to be voted out.

Speaking to JustNje, Cobus described his disbelief with regards to being the latest castaway, explaining that he doesn’t understand why his fellow tribe members considered him a threat.

He stated, “I didn’t consider myself to be a final nine vote out. You can be scared of me later on in the game but there was no need to be scared of me right now. I didn’t mess with anyone’s game, I didn’t try to get anyone in my alliance out, I wasn’t turning my back on anyone. The least they could do was keep around for a few more rounds before getting rid of me. What did I do to them to make them think I’m untrustworthy? They were clearly just scared of me, because they didn’t want to sit next to me in the final because the jury would vote for me.”

When asked what he would be looking for in the ultimate Survivor, Cobus stated, “I’m looking for someone who owns up to the things they’ve done and the plans they’ve made, and not sugar-coating and trying to make it look colourful. Give me the raw deal and I’ll vote for you!”.

Survivor SA airs on Thursdays at 19:00 on M-Net, DStv channel 101.

Listen to the full interview below.