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Survivor SA: Rob announced as the winner of season 7

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The season finale of Survivor SA saw Rob being crowned the ultimate Survivor, after 39 days of competing on the island of Samoa.

The season finale of M-net’s Survivor SA, which aired on Thursday, 12 September 2019, saw the 28-year-old events videographer being crowned the winner, after gliding through the season as the clear leader of the pack. The final episode saw the Top 4, comprising Rob, Nicole, Durao and Letitia, fighting for their place in the Top 3. After Letitia was voted out in the penultimate tribal council, Rob, Nicole and Durao were required to plead their cases to the jury. Durao accepted defeat, thanking his tribe members for getting him that far, and left the battle up to Nicole and Rob to prove why they deserved to take the prize.

After the jury targeted Nicole about her devious game plan, they questioned Rob’s motif in assuming the role of puppet master. Nicole defended her choices by stating that she hoped to empower women to stand by men who uplift them, whilst Rob bluntly revealed that he chose to sit next to Nicole in the final because she was an enemy to the jury. Once the votes were cast in Samoa, host, Nico Panagiotopoulos, read them out in the live studio finale which took place in Cape Town on Thursday, 12 September 2019. Rob was crowned the winner of season 7, accumulating six of the votes, whilst Nicole followed closely with four.

The live studio audience were vocal about their feelings towards Nicole, offering heckles when she attempted to address the jury. The crowd erupted in applause when Rob was crowned the winner, with many stating that they were certain he would win due to his strategic and untouchable game plan.

At a press conference which took place after the live show, Rob credited his win to a spiritual journey he set out to complete. He went out to state that he has learnt a great deal about himself throughout the game and is proud of how far he has come. He stated, “I’ve been on a spiritual journey for quite a while and initially I had to shed my ego in order to achieve spirituality. I have embraced the side of me that has the ability to manipulate and control people and have accepted myself as I am.”

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