Survivor SA: The latest castaway, Geoff, is excited to play the villain on the jury

Last night’s episode of Survivor SA saw contestant Geoffrey Cooke-Tenneso (Geoff) being voted out after fellow tribe member Rob Mariano rallied the others to vote in his favour.

The latest episode of M-Net’s Survivor SA, which aired on Thursday, 18 July 2019, saw loyal player, Geoff, being voted out, after being betrayed by his supposed alliance members. Following three weeks on the chopping block, Geoff’s time on the Samoan Island was cut short despite his efforts to stay. His persuasion to his fellow tribe members to stick to his strategy of loyalty at this point of the game, rather than the back-stabbing agendas, which was ultimately seen, sadly did not save him.

Speaking with JustNje, Geoff stated that he was pleased that he left the game due to being a strategic threat, rather than being a non-contributing entity which previously put a target on his back. The episode saw a surprising alliance being formed between Geoff and Dante, which left him shocked that he was asked to form an alliance with his previous nemesis.

Geoff stated, “I was quite surprised that he approached me because he seemed as though he was the kind of person where, if you burned a bridge, he was never going to be interested in talking to you ever again.” He went on to reveal that watching the episodes back has changed his perspective on his fellow tribe members, explaining, “When you are in the game, you see what’s in front of you. You don’t see the other talking going on behind the scenes. At the time you feel aligned, when I had the chat to Rob, and he ensured me that I’m okay then he winks at the camera afterwards, it was devastating to watch that back!”

When asked what he would be looking for in the ultimate winner, Geoff described them as, “Someone who plays a good game. As a super fan of the game I would be doing it an injustice by not voting for someone who deserves to be there. I am going to play the villain that I always wanted to be. I get to now do that without worrying about throwing a target on my back, so I’m excited for my time on the jury.”

Survivor SA airs on Thursdays at 19:00 on M-Net, DStv channel 101.

Listen to the full interview below.