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Survivor SA: The Top 6 battle to trust one another as the game intensifies

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On tonight’s episode of Survivor SA, trust amongst the tribe members comes into question as they turn against one another in an attempt to progress to the Top 5.

The upcoming episode of M-Net’s Survivor SA, which airs tonight, 29 August 2019, sees the tribe members question their allegiances, leading them to plan for a potential blindside. With six people left in the game, the individuals begin to weigh up their odds against one another, which results in tension peaking between loyal friends. Following last week’s tribal council, which saw common enemy, Jacques, being the latest castaway, all tribe members are now fair game – as there is no obvious common target anymore.

The preview for the upcoming episode shows Steffi declaring war against her loyal alliance member, Rob, which leads audience members to believe a potential blindside is on the horizon. Mike struggles to trust one other member of the tribe, as he states that their constant deceit has left him questioning their character. The challenge for the upcoming episode sees the contestants rejoicing as they are joined by their family members, who assist them in completing the task at hand.

This week serves as the first time the jury members outweigh the contestants, with many expecting an explosion of opinions from the castaways. With four days left on the island, the tribe attempts to work on their social game to garner votes from the jury, as well as to secure their place on the island.

Survivor SA airs on Thursdays at 19:00 on M-Net, DStv channel 101.

Watch the preview of the upcoming episode of Survivor SA below.

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