Survivor SA’s Jason Brookstein becomes first castaway to be sent home

Jason from Survivor SA: Immunity Island was the first castaway to be sent home, after he posed a threat which united the rest of his Zamba castaways.

M-Net’s Survivor South Africa: Immunity Island took to Twitter on Thursday, 3 June 2021, to confirm structural engineering draughtsman, Jason Brookstein as the first castaway to be sent home. The outdoor reality television show premiered its eighth season on the night, which kicked off with the premise of Immunity Island being explained.

According to a statement issued after the episode’s airing, “The introduction of Immunity Island was a new twist to the game, with the castaways being slowly drip-fed information about the mysterious location and the benefits offered by being sent there.”

Moreover, it explained the first blindside of the new season, which resulted in Jason’s unexpected early exit. The statement read, “Despite losing the one-on-one Fire Challenge against Vuna’s Chappies and then costing his tribe, Zamba, an early lead in the season’s first Immunity Challenge, it was actually his unpredictable scrambling during the vote wrangling at camp, that cost him his spot in the game.”

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