Survivor SA’s Santoni becomes sixth member of the jury

Santoni Engelbrecht has been confirmed as the sixth member of the jury, after being voted off in the latest episode of Survivor SA.

M-Net’s Survivor South Africa (SA) took to Twitter on Thursday, 26 August 2021, to confirm that the sixth member of the jury is online business owner, Santoni Engelbrecht. The 39-year-old contestant arguably earned the title of the most chaotic, almost villainous character of this season of the show. This is as she flip-flopped multiple times during the season.

According to a statement shared after her elimination, “Having earned a reputation as a major flip-flopper this season, Survivor South Africa: Immunity Island‘s Anela took his dithering game to a whole new level this week (26 August) after building the perfect blindside to eliminate Kiran, before backtracking, admitting his machinations to the latter and setting up a nuclear Tribal Council. Once the Survivor God’s had smiled on Tyson yet again, it was fellow flip-flopper Santoni who eventually found herself standing before Nico to have her torch snuffed.”

However, the real climax of the episode, similar to the one which saw Wardah being voted off, happened at Tribal Council. This time, not through clever play or a blindside, but rather, through Nicole playing her Fire Idols, which saw Tyson and Santoni going up against each other in a fire building contest as the two most voted for names.

Detailing Santoni’s last moments as a Sole Survivor contender, the statement read, “Despite Santoni building a massive, surprise lead, the elements conspired against her just as it looked as though she would burn through the string first. The Wild Coast wind sent her flame – and her game – sideways, giving Tyson time to build a taller fire and raise his flag first, as the Jury celebrated with him.”

The cheering suggests that Tyson is touted as the favourite to take the title of Sole Survivor, should he make it to the final three of the season.

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