Taurus female traits

Looking at all the traits of the Taurus woman in terms of who she can potentially be, and how she is when it comes to family and work.

Are you an avid follower of the zodiac signs and all that transpires in the world of star signs? Exploring the traits of each sign can be interesting as they can reveal a lot about people and their personalities for those who genuinely believe in astrology. Some people might show interest in different star signs to determine how a relationship with another sign would work and to see if personalities will match or likely clash. In this case, we are going to take a look into the Taurus female’s traits.

Who is the Taurus woman?

The Taurus woman is the personification of the goddess in what is described as her human form. She is described as one of the most feminine zodiac signs and is referred to as the ultimate Earth Mother. The Taurus woman is said to be controlled by Venus, the Empress of love who lives by a certain motto, which reads, “All acts of love and pleasure are my rituals.” The Taurus woman is defined as living exactly by that truth.

She is described as a woman that loves beauty, is corporeal and can be a little bit pleasure-seeking being someone that likes all the grander things that life has to offer. She is not only materialistic, but also has a deep admiration for the outdoors. The Taurus woman is known to be a woman of essence who looks after her body, treating it like a sanctified sanctuary.

The Taurus sign is defined as an unchanging sign, meaning that you will find that Taurus’ will have traits such as determination, self-reliance and perseverance in women born under this sign. They are regarded as some powerful forces because when they set their minds on something, they make sure that it happens. Her characteristics serve to make her a stable and trustworthy person, with everything that she does. In as much as the Taurus woman is hard-working, she is also able to find the right balance between work and play, time for relaxation and for beauty.

How is the Taurus woman in her home life and family?

Living in the space of a Taurus woman means living in the essence of what a home is meant to be. She is affected by her personal space and will ensure that upon entering her house, you will immediately feel at home and welcome. Her personality will reflect in her home and the way it is set and decorated. You will find that her furnishings are more practical and cosy, but very well taken care of.

Since she is an earthy woman, you will find that that her space will be made up of hand-carved wood elements or rough-hewn pieces which are always what she will like. You may find that her windowsills will be filled with crystals, potted succulents, and different objects all tied to the earth. Nature is the Taurus woman’s personality haven. She will be at her happiest in nature or surrounded by nature, even from looking out the window to see trees everywhere.

The Taurus woman is known as natural nurturer, and can cook well. They will usually go for making healthy meals. Touching is a love language that is very important to a Taurus woman, meaning that she will be a very hands-on mother and nurturer. You can go to her for a hug and to simply have your hand held. She is firm, grounded and creates a safe space for all those around her.

How is the Taurus woman in her work and money life?

The Taurus woman is regarded as being capable at almost anything and is never scared to jump into the work. She will shock you with how physically and emotionally strong and resilient she is. You could potentially find her working in design, fashion or architecture. Some are even poets, artists or musicians who are mostly moved by earth and its creatures. She is connected to plants and animals which come out through her creativity. She will have a love for stones, crystals and making jewellery. She will come across as somewhat stubborn but will not be just for the sake of being right. Once her mind is set on something, she will do it and she handles her money well.

The Taurus woman is overall the earth connected human-being. She is drawn to the earth in all of its facets and is sensitive to it, which comes out in her traits.