Ted Lasso season 3: What we know so far

Ted Lasso season three is well underway after the confirmation that production has begun for the season, predictably for a later summer or fall 2022 release.

Ted Lasso is the surprise hit comedy show from 2020. From an NBC Sports promo to Apple TV Plus’s hit comedy, the show has kept fans enthralled for two seasons so far, with the third season confirmed along with the second.

With a third instalment always having been in the cards, the show’s producers recently confirmed starting production and teased the premise of the new season.

However, details on the release date and whether there will be a fourth season have since been kept under wraps, opening room for speculation.

What is Ted Lasso?

Ted Lasso was initially envisioned as an NBC Sports comedic skit. Thereafter, the skit was fleshed out into a 10-episode first season as part of Apple TV Plus’s original content premiering in 2020.

The series was created by Brendan Hunt, Joe Kelly, and Bill Lawrence, and the premise of the show is, “American college football coach Ted Lasso heads to London to manage AFC Richmond, a struggling English Premier League football team.”

Jason Sudeikis plays the title role of the optimistic coach Ted Lasso – a role that has earned the actor and executive producer of the sitcom two consecutive Primetime Emmy awards for his portrayal of the beloved character.

Ted Lasso season 3: What we know so far

When Ted Lasso first premiered in 2020, its success was credited to the fact that the sitcom served as an elixir to the pandemic. However, the second season only furthered the sitcom’s success.

This is as it earned 20 record-breaking Primetime Emmy nominations at the seventy-third annual event. The sitcom went on to win seven trophies during the event, including for Outstanding Comedy Series and Outstanding Cast for a Comedy Series.

During the recent film and television award season, producers of the Apple TV Plus original shared more details about the upcoming third season.

While speaking to Deadline in March 2022, Kip Kroeger, who serves as one of the producers of the show, revealed, “We started (production) a week ago.” Currently, reports are touting Sunday, 6 March 2022 as the start date for the shooting of the new season.

Other matters including the premise of third season, whether season three is the last, and the release date of the season, were matters about which the producers of the sitcom were less forthcoming.

What will happen in Ted Lasso season 3?

Ted Lasso season two ended with AFC Richmond being promoted back up to the Premier League, and having to face West Ham United. The team is now owned by Rupert Mannion, who is Rebecca’s ex, and the new coach of the team stands as Nate.

However, the show’s producer, Liza Katzer suggested that this would not be the focus, stating, “I think it’s just more of what everyone loves and what has worked and just going deeper into the characters.”

Director, Declan Lowney, added, “And knowing those guys there’s bound to be a bunch of surprises, things you didn’t see coming, some curveballs in there.”

When will Ted Lasso season 3 be released?

Ted Lasso season two aired between July 2021 and October 2021, but as soon as the second season had concluded, fans inquired on when they could expect the third season. Especially since the third season was confirmed along with the second season of the sitcom.

However, considering that the sitcom only confirmed starting production on the upcoming season at the beginning of March 2022, there will certainly be a wait until it is ready for release.

As such, insiders have speculated a late summer or fall 2022 release date for season three of the hit Apple TV Plus series.

Will Ted Lasso end with season 3?

Ted Lasso was initially envisioned as a one-season sitcom. However, with the show becoming the most popular show on Apple TV Plus, it was renewed for two more seasons.

Season two proved to be more successful than the first, hence the anticipation and then, confirmation, of the third season. But fans have wondered if the third season will mark the series finale.

Liza Katzer was not forthcoming in this respect as she only stated, “We don’t know. We hope it goes on… Initially we were down for three, but it’s up in the air at the moment.”

Therefore, it is likely that the performance of season three will be the deciding factor about whether the sitcom will be renewed for a fourth season, or not.

Final thoughts

Apple TV Plus struck gold with the unexpected hit sitcom Ted Lasso in 2020.

Furthermore, the paid subscription video-on-demand platform continues to capitalise on the sitcom commercially, as it is currently the most popular show on the platform, and critically acclaimed, as it earned 20 nominations during the seventy-third Emmys.

Following the television and film industry’s red-carpet season, fans are hotly anticipating season three as it was confirmed that its production began in March 2022.

Fans are therefore looking towards a late summer or fall 2022 release of the sitcom on Apple TV Plus.