Tell Me Lies: Why did Stephen ruin the camera?

Tell Me Lies: There is no apparent motive for Stephen to ruin Bree’s camera just yet as the season is still unfolding, but it could be related to Bree’s foster sister.

Tell Me Lies is the new Hulu hit teen-drama series, which is executively produced by acclaimed actress, Emma Roberts.

The series premiered in September 2022 and as is standard practice with Hulu, an episode is released weekly instead of once-off as is the case on Netflix.

As such, on Wednesday, 5 October 2021, the seventh episode of season one of the teen-drama titled “Castle on a Cloud” aired.

Filled with surprising moments, the ending left many confused as Stephen purposefully ruined Bree’s camera, seemingly without motivation. This led many to believe it may be to create a rift between the foster sisters, Bree and Pippa.

Is Tell Me Lies based on a true story?

Tell Me Lies is not based on a true story, but the series is inspired by the romantic novel of the same name by American author, Carola Lovering. The novel was originally published in 2018.

The book compared to the series starts at a different vantage point, as the book starts with an already twenty-something year old Lucy Albright bumping into her biggest and most memorable ex from college, Stephen DeMarco.

The book recounts the story in flashbacks as Lucy remembers how the relationship affected not only her but the friends as well before their eventual breakup.

Tell Me Lies: Why did Stephen ruin the camera?

Tell Me Lies episode seven titled “Castle on a Cloud” is the latest episode of the 10-part first season of the series. The episode was centred around a weekend getaway in which new relationships were formed and everyone learned more about each other.

This is as the friends spent a weekend at Evan’s lake house, which did not get off on a smooth start. Lucy felt uncomfortable about Drew’s presence, knowing that he was responsible for Macy’s death.

Stephen was uncomfortable about the suggestion of telling Macy’s parents about her death, as it would implicate him too, and Evan revealed that Bree is Pippa’s foster sister to the rest of the friends, thinking they already knew.

But it was the moments at the end that left many wondering what the intention was. Specifically, when Stephen decided to drop Bree’s camera in the pool and ruin it.

The decision came left-field for viewers, especially after Bree discovered that she lost so many memories, and Stephen acting nonchalant like he was not responsible for the damage.

For those that have read the book, his actions are in line with the type of character that was created by author Carola Lovering, which is a character without any redeeming qualities and that does malicious and mean things without motivation.

But also given the fact that this is just the seventh episode of the season, his motive may be revealed in the upcoming episodes of season one.

Tell Me Lies: Why did Stephen ruin the camera?
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Why did Pippa keep quiet about Stephen ruining the camera?

Viewers who watched episode seven of the first season of Tell Me Lies were more surprised about the fact that Pippa, who witnessed Stephen throwing Bree’s camera in the pool, did not say anything about it.

This is as Bree discovered her damaged camera in the presence of Pippa and Stephen. Stephen, of course, acted like he did not care about the matter though he was responsible for the damage.

But since Pippa is Bree’s foster sister and she knew what happened, many wondered why she did not share what she saw.

Theory: Why Pippa kept quiet about the camera

Seeing as Tell Me Lies is still a fairly new series which is still garnering popularity as more and more Hulu subscribers are tuning in every week to watch a new episode, the Reddit community page on the series is still fairly new compared to those of other series with a bigger cult following.

But one theory about why Pippa kept quiet is that she knows that Stephen knows that she is aware about what happened with Drew and Macy, and she does not want Stephen to implicate her by telling people that she knows what happened as Wrigley already told her.

When is the next episode of Tell Me Lies?

Hopefully with the release of season one, episode eight, more will be clarified about the last scene of episode seven. The upcoming episode will be titled “Don’t Go Wasting Your Emotions.”

The premise teases, “Pippa has complicated feelings after Wrigley meets her dad. Lucy makes a decision to protect Stephen.” The episode will be made available on Wednesday, 12 October 2022.