Temptation Island SA’s Bontle and MJ confirmed as a new couple

It seems that Bontle and MJ will continue their relationship even in the real world, as Palesa, a contestant who recently exited, confirmed their feelings for each other.

Showmax took to Twitter on Thursday, 21 October 2021, to confirm the availability of a new episode of Temptation Island South Africa (SA). On the day of the episode’s availability, Showmax shared the post-exit interview with the recently cast-off singles from the show, Sethu and Palesa. Sethu was cast off despite all the women having an affinity for him, as they simply regarded him as a friend rather than a possible partner, words he echoed during his interview.

He stated, “Because the ladies felt that they didn’t feel strong enough connections with me.” Palesa, on the other hand, was cast off after having possibly the worst date on this season with Sifiso, a matter she still has allegedly not gotten over. This is because when she was asked if Sifiso had upset her, she answered, “He did, hey. I mean, you don’t play with someone’s feelings like that. You don’t lead me on, take me on a date, and then tell me that you’re still going to take your girlfriend home after this show ends. Like, bitch, no one said they wanted to be in a relationship with you. We’re just trying to make connections.”

However, a matter that Palesa seemed to confirm was the real feelings between Bontle and MJ. It seems that the two will continue their relationship outside of the show, as Palesa explained their dynamic in the villa by stating, “Bontle and MJ are like the greatest couple; they’re THE couple in the house. They’re always cuddling and kissing and whatever, so it’s cute.”

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