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Thandi Gama demonstrates how to create sleek natural hair bun

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Thandi Gama demonstrates how to create sleek natural hair bun

The South African beauty vlogger shared a video on her YouTube channel on Monday, 7 October 2019, demonstrating how to create a sleek low bun with natural hair.

South African beauty influencer, Thandi Gama, took to Twitter on Monday, 7 October 2019, to share a new video she shot, showing social media users how she achieves her sleek natural hair bun. The video details Thandi explaining that the tutorial is in response to the numerous requests for her to demonstrate how she achieves the look.

Starting with wet hair, the beauty influencer slowly gathers her hair towards the back, using only her fingers. She then uses a detangling brush to gather the hair from the front, brushing it down towards the back. Once the hair is all gathered and smooth, she chooses a hair tie to wrap the hair into a low ponytail. To put the hair in place, she uses a styling gel from popular cosmetics brand, Eco Styler. She applies it all over the top of her wet hair, ensuring that it seeps into the hair to hold it in place when it dries.

Social media users flooded the video, with many sharing their experience with the hairstyle. Some social media users offered alternative methods of achieving the hairstyle, such as using a brush to push the hair down or sectioning the hair before attempting the hairstyle.

The video received much traction, with over 10 000 views.

Watch Thandi Gama’s hair tutorial below.

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