Thandi Gama shares make-up look created from the Maybelline and Puma collection

The South African beauty vlogger took to Instagram on Monday, 2 September 2019, to share her latest make-up creation in partnership with Maybelline.

South African beauty vlogger, Thandi Gama, took to Instagram on Monday, 2 September 2019, to share her latest make-up look that she created in partnership with beauty brand, Maybelline. In the video for her YouTube channel, Thandi showcases the newest range from the Maybelline and Puma collaboration. She creates a dark smokey eye make-up look, completed with a dark lipstick.

In the video, she demonstrates how she creates the eye make-up look using the darker shades of the eyeshadow palette. She continues by applying the foundation from the make-up brand and follows it with applying the concealer. She sets the look by using setting powder, giving her face some shape and dimension by using the contouring technique. She continues the look by highlighting her cheek bones and applying blush. She then finishes it off with a dark burgundy lipstick, applies a pair of false eyelashes before ending with applying setting spray.

Social media users swarmed the comments section of the post with complimentary messages to Thandi. Many shared that they enjoy watching her YouTube channel and that she often does the make-up justice. The image she shared generated more than 1 000 likes on Instagram and the video has since received almost 5 000 views on her YouTube channel.

Watch the make-up tutorial below.