Thando Thabethe responds to MacG’s slanderous comments about her

Thando Thabethe has broken her silence on the controversy she was brought into when Podcast And Chill host, MacG, insulted her career and public image.

Thando Thabethe took to Twitter on Sunday, 28 February 2021, to speak out against MacG’s recent comments about her. MacG ridiculed the relatively low number of views on her podcast, her radio career, as well as the images she shares on social media, which he referred to as “n*des.” Whilst the public attempted to defend Thando against him, the media personality chose to remain quiet until the uproar had settled, so she could address the matter in a more assertive manner.

She stated, “I am deeply concerned by the subsequent insults and petty, albeit unsuccessful, attempts to belittle my almost 12 years in the TV and film industry in response to my position on these human rights. The personal attacks and even the resorting to ‘posting n*des’ deserves nothing but my contempt and, as such, really are of no real importance in my life.”

Whilst she made it clear that his insults have not affected her, it was MacG’s disregard for her achievements and her work on gender-based violence campaigns that upset her. Thando clarified that over the years, she has made strides in combating the issue which has plagued the country.

Thando concluded with her stance on the DJ Fresh and Euphonik rape saga, clarifying that she has, and will continue to stand with their accuser. She added, “Just so it is clear… I stand firmly by Nampree, and should it not have been clear, I am utterly disappointed by the re-victimisation of Nampree. I believe you… Should you need any assistance, emotionally or financially, let it be clear, I stand by you.”

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