The Bachelor: Does Gabi meet Zach’s family?

Gabi does agree to meet Zach’s family in the finale episode of The Bachelor, only after she has a heart-to-heart with Zach.

Zach Shallcross finally had to make a decision between Gabi and Kaity in this week’s The Bachelor season 27 finale episode.

However, the lingering tension between him and Gabi continued to plague their relationship and even made her hesitate to agree to meet his parents and sisters in this final episode.

The Bachelor: Does Gabi meet Zach’s family?

The 27th season of The Bachelor has finally come to a close, with this season’s bachelor, Zach Shallcross, having to choose who would be the recipient of his finale rose between his two loves, Gabi Elnicki and Kaity Biggar.

As always, The Bachelor fans who have watched as Zach’s relationships with the contestants have evolved throughout the season knew that they were in for an extra bit of drama when the teaser trailer of the finale was released.

In this teaser trailer, Gabi is shown saying “I won’t be meeting Zach’s family” which seemed to indicate that the couple had one last hurdle to overcome in this last episode.

Fortunately, Gabi and Zach managed to talk things through and she and Kaity both met with his parents and sisters during the episode. Gabi left their meeting feeling fairly positive and even admitted that she loves Zach.

Did Zach meet Gabi’s parents?

Zach did meet Gabi’s family earlier on in the season during her “hometown date” in which they both travelled to Vermont.

Here, he was introduced to Gabi’s sister Chloe, her brothers, Evan and Braeden, her mother, Stephanie, and her father, Kevin.

Although Evan grilled Zach about his intentions, Gabi and Zach both seemingly left the encounter fairly satisfied with how it went.

What did Gabi say in her meeting with Zach’s family?

The fact that Zach broke his own word and slept with Gabi during the Fantasy Suites episode has been one of the troubles plaguing his and Gabi’s relationship throughout the season and this was the reason why she was hesitant to meet his family.

However, it was evident that Gabi wanted to put that mess behind them when she admitted to Zach’s father that she was “100 percent willing” to go the extra mile for their relationship.

What happened at the end of the episode?

Although Zach assures Gabi that he would not want to go back on his decision to sleep with her, he later admits to her that he is “torn” about the decision that he will have to make later on in the episode, which makes Gabi spiral again.

Unfortunately, Zach ended up choosing Kaity at the end of the episode.