The Bachelor SA: Andeline Wieland expresses her frustration at Marc for potentially wasting her time

Thursday night’s episode of The Bachelor SA saw Andeline being the only girl to not receive a rose, after expressing her conservative nature to bachelor, Marc Buckner.

In an exclusive interview with JustNje on Friday, 27 March 2020, Andeline expressed that the show was a way to step out of her comfort zone, whilst still upholding her conservative approach to dating. Andeline clarified what her feelings towards fellow housemate, Pasha, were on the show. She stated that her ill-feelings were towards Marc, as she became frustrated that he kept her around when he showed interest in someone with a contrasting personality to her. She went on to explain that she left her studies and work to join the show, and wished that Marc did not waste her time.

Listen to the full interview below.