The Bachelor SA: Bridget finds closure regarding the end of her relationship with Marc

The Bachelor SA’s final episode saw Marc choosing Marisia van Wyk over Bridget Marshall, who was left heartbroken by his decision to end their relationship.

The Bachelor SA’s finale aired on Thursday, 28 May 2020, on M-Net, and saw 31-year-old travel agent, Bridget Marshall, being sent home at the final rose ceremony. The relationship between Bridget and Marc grew steadily from the beginning, as the pair solidified a friendship first before it became romantic. As the finale approached, the couple’s connection appeared to be growing stronger, which is why Marc’s final decision left viewers and Bridget in shock.

In an interview with JustNje today, 29 May 2020, Bridget opened up about life after the show, and revealed that she has gained complete closure regarding her relationship with Marc. She revealed that having watched the season back, it was clear that Marisia was more suitable for him and that there were no hard feelings towards the new couple.

Bridget’s storyline was also a hot topic on the show, as she was involved in a lot of the drama involving many of the other women. Most notably, prior to her final date with Marc, Jess R had spoken to Marc about Bridget, in an attempt to leave a damaging impression of her. When asked about it, she explained that she had not confronted Jess R about her accusations and was still upset about what she had done. Apart from their altercation, Bridget stated that she wished she had bit her tongue more often and steered clear from some of the drama that took place in the house.

Listen to the full interview below.