The Bachelor SA: “Just because I am an actress doesn’t mean I don’t have valid feelings and emotions” – Qiniso

Thursday night’s episode of The Bachelor SA, saw actress and model, Qiniso, being one of two ladies sent home, following Marc’s consistent concern that her boisterousness was just an act.

The latest episode of M-Net’s The Bachelor SA, which aired on Thursday, 23 April 2020, saw actress, model and fan-favourite, Qiniso van Damme being sent home, one week ahead of the hometown visits. Known for being charismatic and bold, Marc often questioned Qiniso’s sincerity, as he believed she could be putting on an act for the camera.

In an interview with JustNje today, 24 April 2020, Qiniso commented on Marc’s thoughts about her, claiming that she assumed he would relate to her, seeing as though they are both from an entertainment and modelling background. Qiniso explained that her perceived similarities between herself and Marc led her to believe that they had a special connection, and that their differences brought an adequate balance.

Asked what she took from her experience on The Bachelor SA, Qinsio said, “I am not apologising to anyone for the person that I am. I am never going to diminish myself or reduce myself to the letter Q. I am going to continue to be boisterous, loud, loving and caring to people around me.”

Listen to the full interview below.