The Bachelor SA: Marc gears up to introduce the final two to his parents

The Bachelor SA’s upcoming episode will see the conclusion of Jess’ dramatic eviction, followed by the remaining women meeting Marc’s parents.

The Bachelor SA’s upcoming episode which will air on Thursday, 21 May 2020, will see if Jess accepts her fate and agrees to leave after the rose ceremony. Following last week’s episode, Marc and the remaining women are left stunned after Jess expresses her confusion with Marc’s decision to let her go. Thereafter, the final two women are given the opportunity to meet and impress Marc’s parents, in their final attempt to win over the bachelor.

The preview for the upcoming episode shows Marc sitting down with his parents, who are excited to see the women he has chosen. His father is heard giving his son advice about how to maintain a healthy relationship, which includes having an equal partnership with your significant other.

Watch the preview for the upcoming episode of The Bachelor SA below.