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The Bachelorette SA’s Kganya Rapoo describes his journey as one of self-discovery

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The Bachelorette SA’s Kganya Rapoo will be embarking on a journey of self-discovery on the show, as he looks forward to finding out what exactly he looks for in relationships.

The Bachelorette SA’s Kganya Rapoo has garnered a large following on social media since it was revealed that he is part of the first season of the show. At 23 years old, the self-proclaimed geek is one of the youngest contestants wanting to start a relationship with Qiniso van Damme, making audience members wonder if a true connection will be formed.

In an interview with JustNje on Thursday, 21 January 2021, Kganya spoke about why he is ready for this journey, and what he hopes to achieve from it.

1. What makes you feel ready to take on The Bachelorette?

An exhilarating sense of adventure and intrigue for a journey that could lead to the most amazing memories, but perhaps most importantly, that special feeling called love – with a person that could be my heart’s match!

2. From watching the first two seasons of The Bachelor, how do you think the audience will differ in the female-led spin-off?

Funnily enough, I had never watched The Bachelor SA until after I applied, and to be fair, once you start – you’re hooked! In terms of the audience being engrossed by us, most definitely! Guys bring a completely different dynamic; a fierce competitiveness, an enjoyable camaraderie, and a fair bit of drama here and there! Believe you me, stay tuned for an awesome ride.

3. What surprised you the most about being in the house, which you did not anticipated?

Well, to be fair, not much! I was genuinely so excited to meet the gents and have an absolute time with them – obviously when I wasn’t on dates (eyes on the prize) – and the vibe and atmosphere was exactly what I looked forward to!

4. What was the experience of filming during the pandemic like?

I can tell you one thing, after all our quarantines were done, living a life in the mansion maskless was great! Thankfully, as such, we didn’t feel like there was a pandemic in our bubble! Life was good! A sense of normality in an absolutely abnormal situation – I mean, we were all dating the same woman.

5. Win or lose, what have you taken from this experience?

An absolutely beautiful experience that has grown further my heart, mind, and soul! It was a beautiful experience that allowed me to reach within myself and know truly what I like, where I spend my energy, and who the important people in life are! Self-care – critical!

6. Finally, describe Qiniso in three words.




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