The Bachelorette SA’s Qiniso Van Damme details expectations from ideal partner

The Bachelorette SA’s first leading lady, Qiniso Van Damme, shared insight into what she is looking for in an ideal partner, in hopes that the applicants will take note.

M-Net has announced the first season of The Bachelorette SA, with Qiniso Van Damme being the lady to lead the spin-off. Whilst the series is only expected to air in early 2021, the show has begun pre-production and is looking for the perfect scope of men to compete for Qiniso’s love.

In a video shared on the M-Net YouTube channel on Wednesday, 22 July 2020, the Bachelorette answered questions from potential entrants, clarifying what she is looking for in her perfect partner.

She began by clarifying that splitting the bill is not an instantaneous deal-breaker, claiming that she is happy to split the bill or pay for it on alternate dates. Qiniso also revealed that she would like someone who is as sensitive as her, and does not mind if they get emotional watching television shows. Qiniso also encouraged people of all personalities to enter.

Watch the video below.