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The Bachelorette SA’s Ten Naidu claims the men were cattier than anticipated

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The Bachelorette SA’s Ten Naidu has shared some insight into his time in the mansion, claiming that it was unlike any other season because they were quarantining in the house.

The Bachelorette SA’s Ten Naidu was amongst the first group of men announced as part of the show by M-Net, marking the first-ever South African female-led version of the franchise. The model and teacher claimed that although he was originally not a fan of the franchise, he was taken aback by the cattiness of the men who were all vying for the attention of Qiniso van Damme.

In an interview with JustNje on Thursday, 21 January 2021, Ten discussed filming during the pandemic, and how it impacted the shooting process.

1. What makes you feel ready to take on The Bachelorette?

My natural on-screen presence and one-liners to complement.

2. From watching the first two seasons of The Bachelor, how do you think the audience will differ in the female-led spin-off?

I didn’t watch, but I feel the guys will bring something fresh and fun to the game.

3. What surprised you the most about being in the house, which you did not anticipate?

Men are catty. Some purr.

4. What was the experience of filming during the pandemic like?

Excellent, and so was room service.

5. Win or lose, what have you taken from this experience?

A greater appreciation of the production crew. They set the stage for the players to shine. A close second is learning how to do my own make-up.

6. Finally, describe Qiniso in three words.

QvD like ABC. Actress when the camera rolls. Bubbly when she is happy. Confident when she needs to be.

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