The Braai Show with Cass features best friend, Carpo More

SABC 1 has confirmed that the upcoming guest for The Braai Show with Cass is set to be the host’s best friend, Carpo More.

SABC 1 took to Twitter on Tuesday, 19 October 2021, to share a preview of the upcoming episode of The Braai Show with Cass. The preview revealed that the celebrity guest set to be featured on the episode is Carpo More. Carpo happens to be Nyovest’s best friend, besides being a content creator and media personality. Therefore, the show is set to feature the two speaking on their friendship and how it has changed and evolved throughout the years.

The clip shared also affirmed that the interview will consist of the two best friends talking about the experiences afforded to them through the success accrued by Nyovest. In the clip, Carpo also indicated that he has met Wiz Khalifa, a fact that Nyovest is amused by as Carpo met Wiz Khalifa through his affiliation with the rapper. Moreover, the promotional clip ends with Nyovest poking fun at his best friend for never footing the bill, despite his assertions of his own wealth. The Braai Show with Cass is set to air on Wednesday, 20 October 2021, on SABC 1 at 18:00.

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