The cost of advertising during Generations

Advertising during Generations: The Legacy is the second-most expensive advertising spot on SABC 1, which is only preceded by the advertising costs during Uzalo.

During the years before the introduction of Generations: The Legacy back in 2014, the original Generations was the most-watched show in the country. Therefore, the implication was that the show was the highest-earning television show in the country, in terms of revenue earned by the public broadcaster during those years. At the time, it was estimated that a single advertising spot during an airing of the original version of the SABC 1 flagship soapie was estimated at R200 000.

However, since 2014, SABC 1 has a new show which continues to hold the title of the most-watched soapie in South Africa, Uzalo. The isiZulu soapie superseded expectations following its first season and has retained its title ever since. Despite this, in the years since the first season, the matter of its storyline has been called into question. However, due to the fact that the show brings in millions in audience viewership, Uzalo will continue to air at its scheduled time due to the advertising revenue earned.

When speaking in detail about how much it costs to acquire an advertising spot during Generations: The Legacy, the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) shared a rate card which details how much an advertising agency can be expected to pay. First, the rate card provides the rate for a 30-second advert on various days of the week, which advertisers can book.

On Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, the broadcaster will charge R200 000 for a 30-second advert. Wednesdays are the days when the broadcaster charges the most, as it ballparks the estimate at R210 000 to advertise during this time. Lastly, Fridays are the cheapest, as it is believed that not all viewers on a Friday are actively watching and the number of viewers is considerably lower. Therefore, to secure an advertising spot will cost R170 000 for a 30-second advert.

For adverts which are shorter in duration, the cost of the advertising spot is considerably reduced by about R10 000 for each five seconds cut off the standard 30-second adverts.