The Curse of Oak Island: Is Emma Laird Niven’s daughter?

Emma Culligan, the new archaeologist on season 10 of The Curse of Oak Island is not Laird Niven’s daughter.

The tenth season of The Curse of Oak Island is the most exciting yet, with new discoveries in the “garden shaft”.

Emma Culligan, an expert archaeologist joined the Oak Island team this season to help them to analyse everything they find in this shaft, but she is, however, not related to the other archaeologist Laird Niven.

The most recent season of The Curse of Oak Island

Long-time The Curse of Oak Island fans will know that the Lagina brothers start almost every new season of the show convinced that this will finally be the season that they uncover all of the mysteries behind the elusive Oak Island treasure.

Even now, in season 10 of The Curse of Oak Island, a new discovery in the so-called “garden shaft” has renewed the faith of the Lagina brothers, their team and the faith of fans watching from home that this might be the season where the team uncover the 228-year-old treasure in the original Money Pit.

The Curse of Oak Island: Is Emma Laird Niven’s daughter?

The reason why the tenth season of The Curse of Oak Island seems so promising is because the Lagina brothers and their team have teamed up with Dumas Contracting Ltd. in order to reconstruct the so-called “garden shaft”, which the team previously discovered in the Money Pit area on the island.

Most of the team now believe that this decaying wooden structure may be connected to the original money pit, because this shaft is connected to some kind of underground chamber.

What is most promising about this excavation site is the fact that the team discovered traces of gold in this wood, thanks to the work that Emma Cullingan did to analyse these samples.

Emma is a young archaeologist who recently joined the show in the tenth season and her expertise has already proven to be invaluable, as her analysis has been invaluable in helping the rest of the team to determine whether they are on the right track with their digging.

If you are a long-time fan of The Curse of Oak Island series, you can be forgiven for thinking that there might be some connection between Emma and the team’s other archaeologist Laird Niven.

After all, this would not be the first time that a member of the team has brought their children to the island. Even so, Emma is not Laird’s daughter and is not related to him at all, even though they work on the same team.

Other members of The Curse of Oak Island team who have brought their children to the island

Treasure hunting on Oak Island is definitely a family business. Not only are Rick and Marty Lagina, brothers, but the teams excavations on the island now span generations.

Marty Lagina brought his son Alex Lagina to the island fairly early on in the show and Alex has been part of the team ever since, and Craig Tester’s stepson Jack Begley also makes frequent appearances on the island to help out with the search.

What is Emma’s role on the team?

Emma was originally added to the Oak Island team after the resident treasure hunter, Gary Drayton,  discovered a mysterious piece of metal, which the team could not identify.

Emma was brought in as an expert consultant to identify this piece of metal and stayed on throughout the rest of the season to help the team identify, date and analyse all of the artefacts and materials that they uncovered at various excavation points around the island.

Outside of the show, Emma has an impressive social media following with over 2000 followers on her personal Instagram page.

What to expect for the Season 10 finale

The finale to season 10, optimistically titled “Striking Gold” will air on The History Channel on 7 March 2023 and will mark the sixteenth episode of the season.

“Striking Gold”  promises to be one of the best season finales of The Curse of Oak Island, as the episode trailer reveals that the Lagina brothers and their team will finally reach the chamber connected to the “garden shaft” – the very shaft they have been repairing all season long.

To add to the excitement, this preview also features a short snippet where Emma reveals that one of the things they asked her to analyse was in fact gold, which implies that the team may be the closest that they have ever been to discovering the Money Pit after all this time.