The Curse of Oak Island: Maybe the real treasure was the friends we made along the way

The authorities have not yet confirmed that the big The Curse of Oak Island treasure was found, but watching the show does have its benefits.

If you are a longtime fan of the History show, The Curse of Oak Island, then you may already know the excitement of feeling like Rick, Marty and the rest of the team, are only one extra-special discovery away from striking it big and finally unearthing all of this island’s secrets.

The hope that the mysterious Oak Island treasure is just lying in wait somewhere is truly alive and well.

So much so, in fact, that any simple search for anything related to the topic of ‘Oak Island’ is bound to bring up dozens of results claiming that the authorities have confirmed that the oak island mystery has finally been solved.

The real The Curse of Oak Island treasure

But, while there is something to be said for the innate sense of joy and childish wonder that treasure-hunting seems to unlock in all of us, the reality is that The Curse of Oak Island has now surpassed its ninth year on television and its eleventh season.

And despite a fair few notable discoveries, it truly feels like the team is no closer to finding the great Oak Island buried treasure now than they were in the first season of the series.

On the other hand, however, if you choose to look at it the way that Rick (and many other members of the long-time The Curse of Oak Island team) do, then all of the discoveries that they have made thus far, and all of the history associated with these discoveries – truly have been a lost treasure all on their own.

In this sense, the search for the treasure will not only already be complete, but also perpetually ongoing.

What the Lagina brothers have found so far

Whilst Marty, Rick and the team have not yet stumbled upon the “real” Oak Island treasure, they have unearthed quite a few interesting artifacts through the years, including:

Artifact Location
A Spanish copper coin Swamp
A Roman sword and a Portuguese carving 10-X  tunnel
A jeweled brooch Near Daniel McGuiness’s old home
The Swages Lot 21
Bone fragments Borehole H8 near the Money Pit
Leather book binding Borehole H8 near the Money Pit
A silver button Isaac point
The Templar coin Near the Money Pit area
The lead cross Near Smith’s Cove
The crossbow bolt Lot 26
The silver ring Swamp
The ship brace Swamp
The coins, buttons and pistol parts Lot 24
The pottery pieces Lot 12
The square hatch Western side of the island

What longtime The Curse of Oak Island fans think

Despite its drawn-out nature, The Curse of Oak Island still brings in over 2 million viewers per episode (as of the season 11 premiere).

This is probably because fans who have been following the series since the beginning have now figured that they may not get to see a big treasure unveiled anytime soon – but they do not really care.

One Quora user confirmed this sentiment,  stating “My favorite part of the show is NOT the treasure hunting side of it but instead the genuine and authentic relationship between The Lagina brothers.”

A different user on Reddit shared “I don’t believe there is treasure on OI. However I likely will at least glance at the latest season just to find out what they wasted their money on this year.”

Our favorite Oak Island theories

The debate over whether there is really some ancient treasure hiding beneath the surface of Oak Island has been going on for centuries – and will likely continue for centuries, even after the series has stopped airing.

But in the true Oak Island-spirit, we have rounded up a few that sound particularly appealing. Anything Templar-related always carries an air of mystery which is just too appealing to pass up.

But there is just something about the Shakespeare manuscript-theory that always seems just out-there enough to be true.

Where The Curse of Oak Island team is headed in the new season

The most recent, 11th season of The Curse of Oak Island started airing on November 7, 2023. And even if you are just tuning in to see what the team is “wasting their money on” next, this season may prove to be an interesting watch.

The teaser trailer that History released to promote season 11 revealed that the team would finally be delving deeper into the depths of the Money Pit this season, which has already proved to be a good decision, as they have already found a previously-hidden wooden structure and a mysterious latch in the first few episodes.

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