The difference between The Resurrection Stone and The Sorcerer’s Stone?

Understanding the difference between The Resurrection Stone and The Sorcerer’s Stone needs Harry Potter fans to understand when the stones came into the story and their intention.

One of the frequently asked questions when it comes to the Harry Potter franchise is, what is the difference between The Resurrection Stone and The Sorcerer Stone?

The difference between The Resurrection Stone and The Sorcerer’s Stone?

So, in order to understand the difference between the two stones, it is better to look at when each stone came into the world of Harry Potter and their significance at the time they were mentioned. Chronologically, The Sorcerer’s Stone was first and then came The Resurrection Stone.

The Sorcerer’s Stone vs The Philosopher’s Stone 

Before explaining the purpose of The Sorcerer’s Stone, it is important to clarify a naming principle. The Sorcerer’s Stone is a term used predominantly in the United States (US) and surrounding states.

Similar to the reference of the first instalment of the Harry Potter franchise as Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Universally, the first instalment of the Harry Potter series is widely regarded as Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

It is reported that the decision to change the name of the first book and movie in the US was due to publishing company, Scholastic, deciding that children would not be interested in reading a book that has the word “philosopher” in the title.

This is as the company believed that the book would come across as academic, something it did not want the Harry Potter franchise to be confused for. Therefore, opting for the word sorcerer provided the mystery and intrigue to find out what the story contained in the text.

What was the speciality of The Sorcerer’s Stone?

The first instalment of the Harry Potter franchise was Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, which was released as a film in 2001. The Sorcerer’s Stone formed part of the conflict and plot of the first film.

Considering that the first film was introducing viewers to the lead characters and the crux of the story, it begins with Harry Potter finding out that he is a wizard on his eleventh birthday. Moreover, that he is the son of two late powerful wizards.

Potter also later learns what caused his parents’ death and that he is considered a myth, as he is the only person to have survived The Dark Lord, Voldemort’s death curse. In his first year at Hogwarts, Harry met Harmoine Granger and Ron Wesley, who soon became his best friends and closest allies.

During their first year, the three friends embarked on their first investigative journey, which was to find and protect The Sorcerer’s Stone.

The stone was equated with the Elixir of Life and was believed to have the power to turn any metal into gold. Moreover, the friends discover that Voldemort is seeking the stone in order to return to life.

Harry and his friends go through obstacles but are eventually able to stop Voldemort from acquiring the stone. When the book concludes, Dumbledore is in possession of the stone which he said he would destroy.

The Resurrection Stone

The Resurrection Stone came into play during the sixth instalment of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, where it was first mentioned.

This is as Dumbledore reveals to Potter his intention to locate the horcruxes created by Voldemort to grant him immortality. However, the history of the stone runs deeper than that.

In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part Two), the origin of the stone is explained as one of the fabled Deathly Hallows, which was supposedly created by Death himself.

In The Tale of the Three Brothers, the stone was created as one of three Hallows, and was gifted to Cadmus Peverell after he requested that Death make him something that allows him to recall a loved one from the grave.

The other two Hallows that were made together with the stone was the Elder Wand and the Cloak of Invisibility. If someone were to possess all three Hallows, they would become the Master of Death.

After Dumbledore destroyed the ring, which carried The Resurrection Stone as a horcrux, he secretly hid the stone in Harry Potter’s first gold quidditch snitch ball, which he bestowed to Potter after his death.

In the second final battle, Potter summoned his loved ones that passed to be with him, as he believed that he was going to die. The act was Potter’s final goodbye and affirmation that he was willing to die in order to end the reign of Voldemort.

However, the stone is believed to be the reason for Potter’s survival, as he and Voldemort had a tug of war with a death curse; in that moment, all of Potter’s passed loved ones gathered around him.

After Voldemot struck him down, Harry was believed to be dead. However, it is argued that the resurrection stone he dropped ahead of the confrontation brought him back to life, where he arose and defeated Voldemort.