The drama which overshadowed Dumi Mkokstad’s wedding

When Dumi Mkokstad got married in 2019, his nuptials were overshadowed by the allegations that he was also dating another woman at the time.

Dumi Mkokstsad surprised his fans when it was discovered that he was getting married back in June 2019. The popular gospel musician is alleged to have gotten traditionally married in the last week of May 2019 and concluded the nuptials with the white wedding a week later. Mkokstad wed his current wife of over two years, Dr Ziphozenkosi.

Ahead of Mkokstad revealing that he was officially a married man, not much was known about his dating life. However, the white wedding he showcased sparked more controversy and cast a shadow over his nuptials, which arguably publicly tainted the reaction to the news of the matrimonial ceremony. This is as allegations of his infidelity made headline news shortly after.

After Mkokstad shared the news that he was married, a woman by the name of Amanda Bhengu took to social media to allege that she was Mkokstad’s girlfriend and fiancée. Bhengu alleged that she was in a relationship with Dumi Mkokstad. Moreover, that Mkokstad had intended to begin with lobola negotiations a week after his wedding to Ziphozenkosi.

Bhengu alleged that when she first saw the images of the opulent white wedding between the two, she thought that the visuals were for a music video that he was shooting. This assumption was aided by the fact that Mkokstad also performed Ziphozenkosi, the single dedicated to his wife. Bhengu just did not know that Ziphozenkosi was actually the woman tying the knot with the person she believed was going to marry her.

Mkokstad never directly addressed the allegations, except to rubbish them. However, there were videos of Bhengu and Mkokstad looking happy and seemingly like they were dating. Nevertheless, the matter has since died down.