The Office: Who does Erin end up with?

The Office’s Erin Hannon ends up with Pete Miller, following her beloved relationship with Andy Bernard ending during the season nine series finale.

Regarded as one of the best sitcoms in the history of television, The Office, was the 2005 NBC premiering sitcom which ended in 2013.

Since season five, fans have fallen in love with the character, Erin Hannon, who finally gets her happy ending with Pete Miller during season nine.

What was The Office about?

The Office (US) was the spinoff of the BBC original sitcom of the same name created by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant.

The American version was developed by Greg Daniels, with the premise being, “A mockumentary on a group of typical office workers, where the workday consists of ego clashes, inappropriate behavior, and tedium.”

The Office: Who does Erin end up with?

Erin Hannon, played by Ellie Kemper, was introduced to the show during season five. She would have two relationships on the show, until she found the perfect relationship by the end of season nine.

Erin ends up with Pete Miller in the sitcom, following her whirlwind and beloved relationship with Andy Bernard.

Erin met Pete while in her unhappy relationship with Andy and worked to get herself out of the relationship in order to find her happy ending.

Where to watch online The Office?

Why did Erin and Andy break up?

From the start, the relationship between Erin and Andy was loved by fans.

However, after multiple breakups and Andy’s decision to take a three-week cruise with his brother without Erin, she decided to end things for good with Andy much to the disappointment of fans and chose to be with Pete Miller.

Did Erin date anyone else on The Office?

Another relationship that Erin had on the sitcom was with Gabe Lewis. The pairing was odd, as Erin was one of the most beloved characters, while Gabe was not.

The relationship was presumed as a rebound, as Erin dated Gabe following one of her break ups with Andy Bernard.

Why did Erin and Gabe break up?

When Erin entered the relationship with Gabe, her heart was not in it as she considered him very boring. However, he was her boss and she initially went along with the relationship.

Eventually, Erin did break up with him, and soon after, Gabe began to turn toxic and obsessive towards Erin until he eventually moved on.

Final thoughts

The Office was such a hit with viewers that the sitcom is compared to Friends, considering that it premiered a year after the end of the former.

For those that fell in love with the character of Erin Hannon but did watch the series finale, Eric ends up finding love with Pete Miller in the sitcom.

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