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The psychology behind aesthetics as explained by Dr Reza 

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Undergoing cosmetic procedures and enhancements is a personal journey which requires the patient to be fully accepting of the visible changes they, and others, will see.

Aesthetic procedures often have a negative connotation as people believe that it is changing the natural appearance of an individual. Those who choose to have these procedures done often insist on keeping it a secret and generally request for it to look as natural as possible. Johannesburg-based aesthetic doctor and public personality, Dr Reza, shared an informative Instagram video on Tuesday, 23 June 2020, which discussed the psychology behind aesthetics.

He explained that studies have shown that the mind is attracted to certain shapes and structures, irrespective of whether it is fake or not. Assuming that the procedures are done correctly, at face value, people prefer a certain look over another, despite being informed about whether it is a natural feature or not.

Dr Reza also stated that having a cosmetic procedure done is a personal choice, and patients need to make the decision to enhance their bodies themselves without being concerned about the opinion of others.

Watch the video below.

Sayushka Naidoo
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