The Queen latest episode review and teaser for 4 August 2020

The Queen’s Monday night episode saw Hector realizing that Kea had been in the car which exploded, resulting in them killing Harriet’s daughter instead of her.

The Queen’s latest episode, which aired on Mzansi Magic on Monday, 3 August 2020, saw Jerry’s funeral being interrupted by an explosion which resulted in the death of Harriet’s daughter, Kea. After the explosion, Hector was infuriated by the fact that Jaros allowed for the wrong car to explode, meaning that he had killed an innocent person for no reason. In order to cover their tracks, they attempted to pin the murder on Vuyiswa, as they made it seem as though she was seeking revenge for Jerry’s death.

Watch the preview of the latest episode of The Queen below.

Teaser for 4 August 2020

The upcoming episode of The Queen will see Vuyiswa receiving a final message from Jerry at the reading of his will. Harriet is overwhelmed with the guilt of Kea’s death, causing her to contemplate taking her own life.