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The River: Cobra will stop at nothing to prevent drama on Morena’s big day

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The River’s Tuesday night episode will see Cobra attempting to stop the MEC from interfering with Morena’s awards ceremony, as he does not want him to be used as a political pawn.

The River’s upcoming episode, which airs on 1 Magic tonight, 6 October 2020, will see Morena and his family preparing for the awards ceremony. Following Morena’s triumphant speech the day before, residents of Refilwe haven’t stopped singing his praises, causing for his ego to inflate. With his son being the most talked-about person in town, Cobra is overcome with pride, and is determined to make the awards ceremony extremely special for him.

Upon finding out that the MEC wants to visit Morena and his family to look at his background and how he was able to construct such a powerful speech, Cobra becomes wary of what they are doing. He refuses to allow the politicians to use his son as part of their campaign, and is hell-bent on making sure that they don’t attend the ceremony.

Watch the preview of the upcoming episode of The River below.

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