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The River: Nomonde gets kidnapped by Mantwa

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Season one of The River to premiere on Mzansi Magic

The River’s Thursday night episode saw Nomonde being kidnapped by Mantwa, after her staged kidnapping, resulting in everyone being doubtful of the recent developments.

The River’s latest episode, which aired on 1Magic on Thursday, 9 July 2020, saw Nomonde and Veronica celebrating their victory after receiving the ransom money from Zweli. Unaware that he had planted a tracking device in the bag he had given them, he was shocked to find out that it was Nomonde and Veronica who were behind the grand ordeal. Nomonde was able to pay back the money she owed Mantwa, and was under the impression that her life was back on track.

When meeting with Mantwa, Mantwa explained that R3 million was no longer enough and demanded more money. Nomonde pleaded with her, however, Mantwa was not willing to budge. Nomonde was then kidnapped again, however, nobody was willing to pay the ransom money this time because they didn’t believe her.

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Sayushka Naidoo
[email protected]