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The River: Percy tempts Cobra with his latest job prospect

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The River’s Thursday night episode will see Cobra’s streak of good behaviour being tested, as Percy introduces an idea to him which involves the procurement of drugs.

The River’s upcoming episode, which airs on 1Magic tonight, 15 October 2020, will see Cobra’s behaviour being tested after receiving an unexpected visit from Percy. With Cobra trying to be a good role model to his son, Morena, his family has encouraged him to continue on the straight and narrow path for several months. Percy, however, plans to involve Cobra in his new business plan, which involves selling drugs to the local community members.

The preview of the upcoming episode shows Cobra being unimpressed by Percy’s business proposal, as Percy tries to subliminally influence him to join in his illegal dealings. The episode will also see the Dikanas getting into a heated argument after the introduction of Tumi’s new boyfriend, Mabutho, who is not welcomed by her family.

Watch the preview of the upcoming episode of The River below.

Sayushka Naidoo
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