The truth about Tia’s husband on Pit Bulls and Parolees

Tia is no longer married to AJ, her ex-husband, who appeared briefly on Pit Bulls and Parolees years ago.

If you have ever tuned in to watch the Villalobos Rescue Center team at the heart of Animal Planet’s hit show, Pit Bulls and Parolees, chances are, you have been totally enamored with Tia Maria Torres, the woman at the head of the operation.

But while the show does a pretty good job showcasing absolutely every aspect of the work that this rescue center does, it does not explain much about Tia’s personal life.

All about Tia’s marriage to AJ

Longtime Pit Bulls and Parolees fans may know that one of the reasons why Tia is so set on helping ex-convicts through the Villalobos volunteer program is because she used to be married to a parolee herself.

However, while Aren Marcus Jackson, or ‘AJ’ for short, made a very brief appearance on the show over a decade ago, he has never been brought up or featured in an episode ever again.

And this has brought up many questions about where he is and his relationship with Tia.

Fortunately, Tia took to Facebook in a very rare instance all the way back in 2018 to set the record straight about a few details in her personal life, which included an update about her marriage to AJ.

Tia claimed that there is a very good reason why she had not mentioned AJ’s name “once for the past 10 years” both on and off the show – and that is because they filed for divorce several years prior.

AJ’s prison sentence was reportedly supposed to end in 2022, but since he does not maintain a public social media presence, there has been no  update on what he has been up to since his release.

Tia and AJ’s relationship timeline

Both Tia and AJ seem to prefer keeping their personal lives private, that is, of course, when Tia is not filming some kind of content in support of the rescue center.

This makes it difficult to pinpoint the exact dates of different milestones in their relationship.

However, some of the most important key moments can be outlined as follows:

Date Event
Sometime before 2006 Tia and AJ meet and fall in love
October 31, 2006 Tia and AJ reportedly tie the knot shortly after his release from prison
September 6, 2007 AJ is arrested whilst on active parole and charged with 11 felonies
October 30, 2009 Pit Bulls and Parolees premieres for the first time on Animal Planet
Sometime before July 8, 2018 Tia files for divorce

How Tia and AJ met

Neither Tia nor AJ have shared much about their relationship publicly in the last two decades. However, has revealed a few details about how the couple ended up meeting during AJ’s initial incarceration in the ‘80s.

According to this article, AJ and Tia met in the most Pit Bulls and Parolees way possible, as Tia happened upon AJ while he was still in prison while she searched for the owner of a dog that she had rescued, and the couple formed an instant connection.

However, we now know that they actually did not spend much time together, despite the fact that they got married so soon after his release, because AJ got arrested again just a few months after their wedding day.

Is AJ the father of Tia’s children?

It seems like questions about whether she was still married to AJ were not the only thing plaguing Tia in 2018, as she also had to clear a few rumors about her children in the same Q&A-style Facebook post.

In this July 8, 2018 post on her personal Facebook page, Tia confirmed that she does indeed have four children as many sources on the internet had reported in the past.

But in classic Tia Torres fashion, she simply stated “Three different last names usually means….Mr. Jackson…You are NOT the father!”  to clear up any misconceptions that AJ is the father of her children.

The truth about Tia’s husband on Pit Bulls and Parolees

AJ is actually not the only convict that Tia has married

While Tia and AJ’s relationship has always fascinated Pit Bulls and Parolees fans, he is not Tia’s only ex-husband. In fact, AJ is not even Tia’s only ex-convict ex-husband.

And while her lighthearted pitch for her “Date My Dog” show (where men had to go through her dog, Lucky, to get to her) did not quite pan out, she does now host a podcast called “25 to Wife” on the Rabid Reality platform.

On this podcast, she often interacts with Tony (or ‘Husband number 3’), who is still in prison.

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