The Walking Dead: What happened to Rick Grimes?

The Walking Dead fans finally got to find out what happened to Rick Grimes during season 10, as it was revealed that he survived and is alive somewhere.

The Walking Dead premiered in 2010 and has been a hit ever since. In the title role was Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes. However, after nine seasons as the frontman of the series, Lincoln left the show much to the surprise of the fans.

His last appearance on the series was during season nine, episode five, when he was taken away by the CRM helicopter.

Thereafter, the series jumped six years into the future and it was assumed that Rick had died during an explosion at the bridge while he was being transported by CRM group. However, in season 10, it was revealed that he is actually alive.

What is The Walking Dead about?

Premiering in 2010, The Walking Dead is the brainchild of Frank Darabont.

Coming out when post-apocalyptic fantasy series and films were avidly popular, the series has managed to maintain its popularity and relevance until its last season, season 11, with part two premiering on 20 February 2022.

The premise of the series was, “Sheriff Deputy Rick Grimes wakes up from a coma to learn the world is in ruins and must lead a group of survivors to stay alive.”

However, following the departure of Andrew Lincoln who played Rick Grimes, the show shifted the focus to encompass more of the storylines of other cast members, like love interest Danai Gurira as Michonne.

The Walking Dead: What happened to Rick Grimes?

As the central character of the show, Rick Grimes last appeared on The Walking Dead during the ninth season, which aired in November 2018.

In the episode titled What Comes After, we watch as Rick is taken away by a CRM group helicopter to an unknown location.

When the sixth episode aired titled Who Are You Now, there was a six-year time jump which helped in shifting the narrative to the other main supporting cast of the series.

In reality, Rick’s disappearance and supposed death following an explosion at the bridge, was as a result of the actor, Andrew Lincoln seeking to leave the show in order to spend time with his family.

The English actor used to travel to the United States (US) to shoot during the summer and the schedule proved to affect him after nine years of playing the title character.

How is Rick Grimes proven to be alive?

Between season nine, episode six and season 10, episode 13, it was presumed that Rick Grimes had died in the explosion at the bridge.

However, the aforementioned episode begins to tease the imminent return of the title character. This is after Michonne discovers Rick’s boots in Virgil’s belongings.

She then asks him to take her where he found the boats. Arriving at an abandoned boat, the two discover a phone with a sketched drawing of Michonne and Judith on it.

Rick’s name is also etched on top, so there is no doubt who the cellophane belongs to. This signifies proof of life, despite the viewers not seeing the character.

Why did The Walking Dead bring Rick Grimes back?

When Andrew Lincoln left the series in 2019 in order to spend more time with his family in London, he had agreed to return to the franchise for three scheduled The Walking Dead films.

Therefore, while the series has not actually shown Rick’s physical return, the indication that he is alive has allowed for his return for the supporting films from the franchise.

Moreover, while the show has laid the groundwork for Rick’s return in the films, Lincoln has so far not returned for the eleventh and final season.

When are The Walking Dead movies coming out?

The Walking Dead movies are believed to be still in the cards. However, the delay in the rollout of the films has been attributed to the ongoing pandemic and the production delays it has on the television and film industry.

Initially, it was believed that the first film would be released in 2020, marking the 10-year anniversary since the show’s premier.

However, insiders have now projected a possible 2022 release date. Although, considering that the series is also airing season 11 this year, it seems unlikely. Therefore, no official word has been shared on The Walking Dead films as of yet.

Final thoughts

The Walking Dead is one of the series that managed to have continued success following the departure of its titled character, Rick James played by Andrew Lincoln.

2018 marked his last episode on the series during season nine, as it was believed that in the story he had died due to a helicopter explosion.

However, proof of life would be found by Michonne during season 10. It is believed that the signs of proof of life is the series’ way of beginning to lay the groundwork for the premise of The Walking Dead films, which Lincoln reportedly signed up to do.