The Walking Dead: Why did Patrick die?

Patrick from season four of The Walking Dead died from the mysterious flu which resulted in his reanimation and Daryl killing him.

The Walking Dead is currently airing its eleventh and final season after a 12-year run on AMC.

During its run, the post-apocalyptic series has become one of AMC’s flagship shows as it maintained its number one series title for the 25 to 35-year-old demographic on basic cable.

Throughout its run, the series has had some memorable characters. One of these in particular was season four’s Patrick – a young, well-mannered boy who came to the prison.

But Patrick’s stint was short lived as he featured in two episodes before being killed by Daryl after he contracted a mysterious and deadly flu.

Who owns The Walking Dead?

The Walking Dead is understood to have been inspired by the comic books of the same name which were written by Robert Kirkman.

However, the television series has taken liberties in some details from those in the comic books. As such, Kirkman does not own the television series, instead, AMC does.

The channel airs the series and its subsequent spin-offs which have extended The Walking Dead franchise to include other series like Fear the Walking Dead, The Walking Dead: World Beyond, and Tales of the Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead: Why did Patrick die?

Season four of The Walking Dead premiered in October 2013 and the first episode of the season was titled 30 Days Without an Accident. The episode introduced a new character called Patrick.

He was a survivor of the outbreak and one of the newest members that joined the prison in the episode. He was characterised as an earnest, polite boy, who got along with most of the other children in the prison.

In the episode, he formed a close friendship with Carl and the two spent most of their time together. But another relationship that was integral in Patrick’s story arc was the one of admiration he had for Daryl Dixon.

This was evident in the fact that Patrick felt honoured to have been able to shake Daryl’s hand in the episode when they met in the kitchen.

But Patrick’s stint on the show was short-lived as Patrick fell ill with what was believed to be the flu. Patrick’s flu proved to be deadly as he collapsed in the showers while he was trying to cool down his high temperature.

After collapsing, he started bleeding out of eyes and nose and he died on the floor, only to later reanimate as a zombie.

Why did Daryl kill Patrick?

Patrick’s last episode on The Walking Dead was the second episode of season four titled “Infected. In this episode, we learn about the result of his reanimation.

In the episode, after reanimating, Patrick went on to infect other people in the Prison with the same virus he had. As a result, Rick Grimes and Daryl killed the infected people before they could spread the virus any further.

Daryl killed a zombie who had attacked Glenn Rhee, and later, he learned that the zombie in question was Patrick and that he was responsible for his final death.

How did Patrick get infected with the “flu”?

One of the recurring questions regarding Patrick’s story arc is how he got infected with the “flu” which eventually resulted in his death. The answer is shared in the “Infected episode during the council meeting.

The council consisted of Glenn, Carol Peletier, Daryl, Sasha Williams, and Hershel Greene. In this meeting they suggest that the “flu” is airborne as they propose that it was also causing the death of the pigs, and the reason for the walkers bleeding.

What was surprising was how quickly the story moved on from this arc afterwards, with no mention of this deadly “flu” again in subsequent episodes and seasons.

Who played Patrick on The Walking Dead?

The Walking Dead’s Patrick was brought to life by seasoned American actor, Vincent Martella. Although the name may not sound familiar, Martella has an extensive acting career that spans close to two decades, which is surprising, considering that the actor is only 30 years old.

One of his most popular acting jobs is as the voice of Phineas in the classic animation series, Phineas and Ferb. This fact is not widely known, since the format of animation does not include the faces of the actors that bring the animated characters to life.

Another one of Martella’s notable acting credits is the role of Chris’ best friend on Everybody Hates Chris, where he played the character of Greg Wuliger.