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Thickleeyonce shines a light on non-luxury brand influencers

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Thickleeyonce took to Twitter to respond to a user who claimed that South African influencers set unrealistic expectations, by highlighting that there are non-luxury brand influencers in the country.

Thickleeyonce took to Twitter on Thursday, 8 April 2021, to rebut a Twitter user that attempted to lambaste local luxury brand influencers. The Twitter user suggested that all influencers in South Africa set unrealistic expectations with their content by only showcasing luxury brands. Moreover, the social media user questioned why there are supposedly no influencers that cater for “cute, entry-level salaries.”

In addressing the matter, Thickleeyonce first stipulated that the Twitter user was being inaccurate in describing the landscape of local YouTubers and influencers. Secondly, she added that there are a multitude of non-luxury influencers that cater for the demographic detailed by the Twitter user. Thickleeyonce then suggested that the user was being ignorant in her opinion.

Another influencer and digital entrepreneur that concurred with Thicleeyonce in the comments section was Mihlali Ndamase.

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