A few ideas for a third date

The type of dates you can plan for a third date, with someone that you like as well as exploring ways of including others as a double-date opportunity.


Going on dates is one of the best ways to get to know someone you are interested in developing a love relationship with. It is also a good way to build towards something that is going to get more serious as time goes by and potentially leading to a long and lasting marriage.

Assuming that you have met this potential lady or man and are probably now planning to go on your third official date together, making it a good one will move things in the right direction. The fact that this is your third date already means something good is building up.

Date ideas

With each date approaching, there might be more pressure to make sure each one is more perfect than the one before. You are trying to make the best impression you possibly can with the objective being to get him or her to fall for you with each time they get to spend more time with you. You will want to come up with dates that will balance out the moods and previous activities you have already had in your first two dates. This will give you both a chance to explore different sides to you.

Third date ideas

Planning to go out on your third date with the woman you are interested in or the man you like is a good sign that you are on the right track. Getting to the third date for many people is sometimes not as easy to achieve.

So, the fact that you are planning a third one with your person of interest goes to show that you have made some sort of impression on them, a good impression at that. It is indicative that they too are willing to further explore what more there is to you, which is also exciting for them. The key now would be to plan a great third date to bring you both closer in a different way.Look into date ideas that will be different to what you have previously done, if you have had adventurous dates, make this third one romantic.

Romantic third date ideas

If your previous dates with your person of interest have not been about exploring your romantic sides, as you might have wanted to ease things into the romance slowly, the third date could be your opportunity to allow more of the romance to flow. This will also help you determine if you both are interested in each other romantically.

Some romantic third date ideas include taking her or him out on a dessert-only picnic, having fun feeding each other’s sweet tooth’s. Finding the perfect spot to stargaze or watch the sunset over relaxed, romantic conversation can also be perfect.

Double-date third date ideas

So, just because this is your third date, it does not mean that you cannot play around with date options that are interesting.

Another third date idea can involve other people instead of just the two of you. You could invite your friends to join you on your date, making it a double date. In this way, you will each get to introduce each other to another person or people closest to you and get to see how well each of you interacts with them. For some, this is very important in pursuing anything further with you.

Fun and playful third date ideas

It could be possible that since your first two dates, you have not had the opportunity to explore each other’s fun and playful sides to dating. A great date idea to have fun is to go to a comedy club together. Learning the type of humour that each of you are into is a great way of getting to know each other. You may even find that you both have the same sense of humour or that you like each other’s humour. Allowing yourself to become a yes man is a great way to have fun.


Going out on dates with people you are interested in, allows you to find out the different facets of that person that can either make you more attracted to them or have you realize that they might not be the one for you in the way that you hoped.

Landing a third date with a person of interest, however, means that the person is clearly interested in still getting to know you better. Coming up with third date ideas that are romantic, playful and a double-date option opens up opportunities to greater explore where you hope things are going.